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Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities and Internships

Looking for corporate or individual volunteer opportunities at bg视讯? Head over to our volunteer page. bg视讯 has many opportunities for volunteers to dig in and improve New York City's environment block by block and community by community.  Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.  Thank you for your interest in volunteering here at bg视讯!

Unfortunately, we currently do not have any intern opportunities for the year of 2023. 

Please register for one-off volunteer opportunities here.  

Are you part of a corporate group interested in volunteering? Get more info.

Jobs with Farmers & Producers

If you are interested in working for a Greenmarket farmer or producer, either at their market stand or as an intern on the farm, please see the job listing, and also follow the NYC Greenmarket Employee Resource page on Facebook for additional opportunities. 
*Note - Greenmarket farmers and producers operate independent businesses. Individuals hired by Greenmarket producers are not employees of bg视讯 or Greenmarket. 

New York Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cardholders will not be able to use their cards during several hours on Sunday, May 19, 2024

Los titulares de Tarjetas de Transferencia Electrónica de Beneficios (EBT) de Nueva York no podrán utilizar sus tarjetas durante varias horas el domingo 19 de mayo de 2024