bg视讯 School Gardens

Our mission is to inspire, promote and facilitate the creation of sustainable gardens in public schools throughout New York City. The program was created in 2010 under the name “Grow to Learn” and since then, has established a network of over 900 school gardens in all five boroughs. Join us! 

We Provide:

  • Technical garden assistance
  • Supply giveaways including tools, seeds, seedlings, classroom cooking supplies, and more 
  • 40+ educational workshops each year
  • A monthly newsletter featuring bg视讯 Education resources and upcoming programs from us and our partners. 
  • Visit bg视讯 to access resources such as our School Garden Guides, Food Justice Curriculum, Farmstand Business Curriculum, virtual field trips, recorded workshops, and more!

All DOE K-12 public and charter schools can register with us. Register or login in here!

For more info, email 


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